The search for Wi-Fi

The search for Wi-Fi

Before leaving the States, I made sure that I did some research to find out where I might be able to access free wi-fi while in Spain. I knew that some bars and restaurants offered it, so I just had to find out which ones. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the queen of internet research, so in a short time I had a list of five places in Arboleas that offered free wi-fi.

After our trip to Cabo de Gata, we decided to scope out one of them, the Bar Trinidad.

This is definitely a spot frequented by and catered to the British. No chance to really practice our Spanish here…

We sat at a table in one of the dining rooms and ordered a couple of claras (well, actually I probably went ahead and used the British term shandy), got the wi-fi password from the waitress, and tried to get connected. Unfortunately the connection was terrible, and we realized that our search for free wi-fi would have to continue.

As we sat and relaxed, we started to see the effects of our trip to the beach: In true tourist fashion, we were looking more and more pink.

We stayed for a bit and then went home to make dinner. The next day was expected to be quite interesting because this was the day that we had made plans to go with Bob to visit City Hall about Juan’s House and the denuncia


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