The Dream of the Vuelta

The Dream of the Vuelta

Travel back in time to June 2011…

La Vuelta

Seeing this cycling race in person has been a dream of my boyfriend’s.

I, on the other hand, didn’t even know it existed. I know about “the Tour” because honestly, who doesn’t? But this is what prompted him to ask me if I had ever considered looking at overseas properties in Spain. My father’s family is originally from Extremadura, which is in the western part of Spain (near Portugal) but other than knowing that bit of geography I was clueless.

A bit of internet property searching and I was right on board with the idea of Spain. I’m a native Floridian. Give me the heat – the hotter the better – so the obvious choice was Andalucia in the south of Spain, known for its 300 days a year of sunshine!

Luckily there were quite a few properties for sale, but we had a reasonable budget (not like those House Hunters International people who are buying vacation homes for half a mil!) and we had to seriously think about what kind of renovations we were willing to do, how much it would cost to furnish the place, and where EXACTLY we wanted to be.

We found a couple of interesting places and I managed to contact a real estate agent in Spain. All that was left to do was plan the trip over!!


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