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When Curt came back from his ride he was pretty chipper. He had been riding along, passed another guy on a bike who greeted him, to which Curt responded “Morning!” This caused the man to stop his bike right away. I guess the guy was not expecting that greeting or the American accent. It turns out that this was a British guy who lives in Arboleas and he invited Curt out to cycle on Monday with a couple other guys. Look at that? Out one day and he’s already made cycling buddies in Spain!

Curt had ridden out to a nearby town called Zurgena. We had seen it when we were house hunting and it was a cute traditional looking village very close to Arboleas. Today was the weekly market in Zurgena and he said that as he cycled through the village the people were starting to set up their stalls. We decided to drive over and check it out.


The village of Zurgena


Zurgena market

Vegetable and fruit stall,
and the candy man!


Zurgena market clothes

Clothing stalls, too.
Lots of things for 5 euros.


Zurgena market honey


Vegetable stall Zurgena

We bought some vegetables and fruits from this stall.


Zurgena market

2,32 euros


After browsing the market, we went into a little grocery store to pick up a few things. We were determined to figure out the coffee creamer situation, for one thing. This time we picked out what was called nata para cocinar and made sure it was liquid.

Cayuela Zurgena



Nata para cocinar

THIS is good for coffee creamer.


El Raton cheese

Slightly odd brand of cheese:
El Super Raton??


Meat and cheese counter at Cayuela Zurgena

This was the meat and cheese counter.

There were a few ladies hanging around the meat counter chit chatting. I didn’t pay much attention to them because I was trying to figure out what to buy for dinner, but all of a sudden Curt was getting my attention saying that the ladies all started talking and pointing to him and all he could understand was “something about muchacho and then they were pointing at me!” I think what happened was the ladies were talking and thought he was waiting his turn so they stopped talking and told the girl behind the counter that the “muchacho” was next.

I told the girl behind the counter I wanted a chicken breast and she asked if I wanted it filleted. I’m glad she asked because it saved me from having to do it, and it meant the chicken would cook really fast once it was sliced so nice and thin.

We were happy with our little outing that morning and went back to The Casa to do some house cleaning. We needed to freshen up the place since it had been closed up, wanted to do some laundry, and also wanted to rearrange some of the furniture.