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From the Kitchens of Seville cookbook

From the Kitchens of Seville cookbook

I went to Half Price Books here in town and found an copy of From the Kitchens of Seville. I was intrigued because of the subheading “Visiting Spain though authentic recipes” and the fact that the book was a compilation of recipes that the author gathered from Sevillano families and friends while she stayed in Andalucia. The copy I bought was published in 2004, but the latest edition of the book has been revised and some new recipes added since then.

From the Kitchens of Seville

This is what my copy looks like… it’s an oldie.

I wanted to make something simple and light, and a recipe for Puré de Calabacín caught my eye. It called for a couple of wedges of La Vache Qui Rit cheese, but I didn’t have that, so I just used an ounce of cream cheese instead. Keep in mind that’s really the only thing I measured. Here are the ingredients.

Puré de Calabacín ingredients

Seriously. That’s it.

Here is the recipe as it was written in the book.

Puré de Calabacín

2 lg. zucchini

1 med potato, peeled

salt to taste

2 pkts triangular foil wrapped soft white cheese

garnishes: hard boiled egg slices, croutons, cured ham bits

Boil zucchini and potato in salted water until soft. Remove from water and purée in blender, adding cheese. Reheat if necessary. Top with preferred garnishes. Serves 2-4


As I said, I didn’t measure anything. I just grabbed a couple of zucchini I had, and grabbed some red potatoes. It was super easy to purée using a hand blender after I poured the water out of the cooking pot. The cream cheese made it creamy and the potato made it thick and hearty. You might think it would be bland, but it was quite tasty!

Puré de Calabacín

Puré de Calabacín

This can be something easy to whip up if we find zucchini (calabacín) at the weekly market while we are at The Casa. If only I had some crusty bread and jamón…