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Off to Spain again!

Off to Spain again!

We arrived at Madrid’s Barajas airport. The last time we flew into the older part of the airport, but this time we arrived in the newer part, which is beautiful. A bit of history: The airport was originally built in 1927 and of course has gone through numerous remodels since then. This newest terminal was built in 2004, so it is quite new. The architecture is very attractive!

Madrid Barajas airport

Barajas airport

This time while in Madrid we decided to try out a different hotel. We really liked our stay at the Hotel Plaza Mayor last time, but just wanted to stay somewhere different. We picked the Hotel Victoria because it was located in what seemed to be an interesting side street very close to Puerta del Sol.

Across from Hotel Victoria

See what a cool side street?

There were all these awesome tiles decorating the exterior walls of shops and restaurants.

Beautiful tilework

So pretty!

…and it was right down the street from the Museo del Jamon!

Museo del Jamon

Remember? We went there on our last trip.

There were quite a few photo opps just within the block outside the Hotel Victoria. Here is Curt being oh-so-serious in front of another set of tiles. (We did NOT go to another bullfight, by the way. Once was enough for us, I think!)

Toro tilework in Madrid

So serious!!


The Flight

The Flight

Plane at Barajas airport

Our flight was about 8 hours long. The good thing was that we left in the evening, they served us dinner on the plane, we downed a couple of Benedryl, and tried to get a decent night’s sleep. The bad thing was that some people on the plane think that the middle of the night is a good time to chat loudly about their next business deal, golf scores, and football stats. I kept popping up over the back of my seat like a groggy meerkat giving them the old stink eye and eventually they piped down.

Lots of hacking and coughing on the plane… and it was freezing. Note to self: long pants + long sleeved shirt + two airline blankets do not = cozy and warm! Next time dress warmer!!