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Accepting the Offer

Accepting the Offer

We did go back and forth a couple of times, but in the end we were able to come to an agreement with the owner and he was willing to sell the house furnished!

When you buy a house in Spain, you need to put down a reserve of 3,000 Euros which is just the same as earnest money here in the States. It takes the house off the market for 30 days so the owner can’t sell it out from under you. This reserve is only refundable to you if something happens on the seller’s end. This would be, for example, if the property turned out to be illegal, meaning the deed and paperwork were not in order. There has been a bit of press about foreigners buying land in Spain and then building on it, only to find out that the land was illegal to build on. You can’t just build on any empty bit of land in Spain. Some land is designated as “green” and can’t be built on at all and some is slated rural and either can’t be built on, or only homes of a certain size can be built on a certain amount of land. Since our house (look at me, calling it “our house”) was built a long time ago, and then sold to someone, we had little to stress about as far as the illegal issue. So in this case, the 3,000 Euro reserve would be applied to the closing costs with no real worries.

The estate agent gave me the names of two Spanish lawyers, and we chose a man who had moved to Spain from the UK when he was quite young, studied law in Spain, and has been living and practicing law there since. We figured we needed a lawyer who was experienced in all the nuances of Spanish law, while still being able to communicate easily in English.

We received the Reserve Document, wired over the deposit, and kept waiting for the NIEs to show up in our Texas mailboxes.

Making the offer

Making the offer

After returning to the U.S. we had a lot to think about, and we decided to make an offer on the last house that we saw. (“The Fifth Little Casa”)

There was a lot of emailing back and forth between us and the estate agent in Spain…

Lots of emails to and from Spain

We really liked the location of the house because it is within 15 minutes walking distance to the town center, but not directly in town. A grocery store is within a 5 minutes walk, as is a small hotel that has a pretty popular restaurant with tapas bar. The house has been reformed in such a nice way with great attention to detail, it has three wonderful outdoor spaces (two terraces upstairs and one downstairs.) It would be a great lock and leave home for our Spanish adventures and we were ready to make an offer. If the owner would leave the furnishings that would really sweeten the deal, since buying a house full of furniture during our short vacations over seemed a bit mind boggling and more than we wanted to deal with at this point!


So we made our offer and waited for the response. Our estate agent, Andrea,  in Spain was awesome, and she always got back to me very quickly, so I knew it wouldn’t be long before I heard one way or another.