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Almeria Playa

Almeria Playa

Almeria is located right along the coast, so we drove to the beach to take a stroll. Almeria has a very busy port with boats and ferries coming in and out quite often.

Almeria seaside

Just like in Garrucha and Vera, there was a large tiled promenade alongside the shore and this made for a nice place to spend a little time. There were a lot of apartments, hotels, and restaurants along the way, but not a lot of people were out since it was a little cooler at this time of year.

Curt along the Almeria promenade

We saw a sandcastle maker who seemed to be living there on the beach. He was having a serious conversation with himself, so we didn’t linger too long…

Sandcastle maker in Almeria

Curt braved a beach toilet, and it was pretty disgusting. He said there were towels, or clothing, or bedding in the corner and he fully expected to see a bludgeoned body on the floor in there. Needless to say the aroma was not exactly “springtime fresh” in there either. I managed to get a picture of him as he staggered out. (Note to self: go to a restaurant/bar bathroom next time.)

Beach servicio

P U !

I really knew nothing of Almeria, but they had a nice big map of the city and when we looked at it we realized that there was some sort of fortress that we could visit, so we turned back toward the car and left the beach.

Almeria map


Almeria playa


Almeria promenade


Garrucha and Vera

Garrucha and Vera

We decided to take a day trip and drive over to the eastern coast of Spain. It took us less than an hour and we were strolling along the beaches of Garrucha. It had been very dry in the area around Albox, but as soon as we got to the coast we could really feel the increase in humidity. I definitely felt like I was back in Florida!

Garrucha playa

Garrucha is a fishing village and is a popular vacation spot for the locals. There were a lot of bars and restaurants along the promenade but it was definitely not as commercialized as we might have expected a beach village to be. The beach was very pretty.

There were wooden boardwalks that connected the shore and the promenade. We walked down and stuck our feet in the Mediterranean Sea!

Boardwalk in Garrucha

The Mediterranean Sea

We continued walking north to the next town of Vera, where the beaches were just as pretty and we could see the mountains in the distance.


We got a kick out of the signs that were posted explaining all of the beach rules.

Beach rules

From here we decided to head south to Mojacar.