¡Sí! se puede!

¡Sí! se puede!

Having a Colombian father, you would think that I would already know how to speak Spanish, but no…. Having a French mother, I chose to learn French instead. This can be a positive because some words that are Latin based are at least similar. This is a negative when my brain freezes and I can only think in French… like the time we were walking around Arboleas and we encountered a very nice, friendly Spanish lady who wanted to chat. My brain was screeching to a halt and then I rattled off some responses, after which Curt said, “You’re speaking to her in French.” Ooops.

This is where we hope Rosetta Stone will come to the rescue.

But do I practice diligently? No.

Am I a slacker? Si.

But we can do it! Yes, we can!

Rosetta Stone Spain

¡Sí! se puede!


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