Rockslides, Ramblas, and Real Spanish Food

Rockslides, Ramblas, and Real Spanish Food

We stopped in at the casa and were happy to find everything in order there. Grocery list in hand, we drove over to Zurgena to get a few things from the grocery store. We have a grocery store within walking distance from our house, but the one in Zugena sells a few items that we like. Brand familiarity is key, and once we have found some things we like, we are happy to keep buying them.

While back in the States, we have been keeping updated on the local goings-on by checking in on the Arboleas Forum, and had heard about a rockslide in Zugena. When we read about it, we knew exactly where it had happened because it was just across the way from the Cayuela where we like to shop for groceries. Word was that the damage had been cleaned up, but that the homes that are built up against the mountain were not habitable at the moment, because it was still dangerous. Driving over to Zurgena would give us the chance to see how bad the rockslide was, and find out if things were back in order.

Zurgena rockslide

The rockslide in Zurgena

It looked as if some of the damage had been cleaned up, but from what we had read on the forum another slide had taken place. Zurgena is a cute little village. It seems typically Spanish and at the plaza where we parked there were a lot of children out and about — playing and enjoying the nice weather.


Children playing in the Zurgena Plaza

Speaking of children, this made me laugh… I thought it warranted a photo.

Baby on Board!

Bebe a Bordo!

We love being back in España! Where else can we walk into town and see a farmer walking through the rambla followed by his herd of sheep and goats? No sheep dog necessary! They just follow him along…

Sheep and goats in the ramba


After a power nap, we went to the restaurant El Castillo in El Rincon. I was craving some fresh vegetables, so I ordered ensalada mixta (media.) This turned out to be a fantastic (and huge!) salad that Curt and I shared. We followed this with calamares fritos and lomo. To finish off the meal, the waiter brought a nice digestif.

El Castillo pan y alioli

Pan y alioli

El Castillo ensalada mixta

Ensalada mixta

El Castillo dinner

Calamares fritos y lomo

Digestif El Castillo





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  1. What is a digestivo? Seems like a chalky drink…

    The sheep are so adorable; that rock slide seems dangerous, hard to tell what it looked like before though.

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