Planning for the Completion

Planning for the Completion

What we call “the Closing” here in the States is referred to as “the Completion” when purchasing a property in Spain. Buying property in Spain is not so complicated (as long as you manage to get your NIE in order… ahem) and you can plan on 10% of the purchase price as a good estimate for what will be needed to cover taxes, legal, and notary fees. Since we got word that the NIEs had been issued, we decided to go ahead and make plans for the Completion. The seller had already gone to the house to remove his personal items from the house and had given Power of Attorney to his Spanish lawyer so he would not have to make the trip from the UK to be there for the signing of the papers.

Everyone involved was able to agree to a completion date of January 23rd. This was getting exciting! The purchase of our house in Spain was only a month away!

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