La Farmacia

La Farmacia

After all of the excitement of yesterday, we were feeling really run down. I had been feeling as if a cold was coming on and had a hoarse throat the whole day of the house hunt, but the fun and excitement of the day kept my mind off of it. But the next day was really lousy. We were both sick. Congested and feeling miserable. We had to go into Albox to find the farmacia and get some decongestant. All pharmacies have this green cross and are easy enough to find. I was pleased with myself that I was able to ask the waitress at the Triana restaurant about directions to la farmacia and was able to understand. Curt was really feeling sick and didn’t even finish his lunch… now you know he had to have been feeling bad!


The good thing is that in most pharmacies, even in a small town like Albox, the person behind the counter usually speaks English, so we didn’t have to worry that they were dispensing the wrong thing. La farmacia is where you go not only for medications, but for any type of drug store item. It’s an interesting concept because here we are so used to SuperTarget or stand alone drug stores, but this is a place where everything is behind the counter and someone has to assist you, even for a box of band-aids.


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