Hotel in Madrid

Hotel in Madrid

We checked in to the Hotel Plaza Mayor. We had an awesome room: the one on the top floor with the window facing straight out above the hotel entrance. The trickiest thing was the parking situation because the hotel stated that they had parking available for half the price of public parking. Little did we know that this was one parking space in a “preeevaht” garage and as the girl at the desk let us know, “Eeees berry cohmpleeecated.”

The complication she was talking about was how to find the private garage which was on another street and beneath a totally different building.

The actual complication was manuevering the car through this garage which had to have been dug out of the cellar of the building because no one in their right mind would have designed a parking garage with such tiny lanes. To make things more challenging there were supporting columns placed in what seemed to be total random fashion throughout the levels of the parking garage. The columns were knicked and had broken bits of concrete off their corners, so we knew it wasn’t just the “crazy Americans” who had a hard time in there. At least we didn’t crash into anything!

Madrid parking garage

That’s our rental: the dark car backed in to the spot. We decided to back it in while we had room so that leaving would be a simple straight shot out of the space.

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