Hotel America, Granada

Hotel America, Granada

The Hotel America was really a beautiful place. The hotel had an interior courtyard where they had  tables set up in a gorgeous patio garden atmosphere complete with a fountain, lots of plants, and cute tiled tables. It was the perfect example of a melding of outdoor and indoor living space.

Hotel America courtyard

The courtyard at Hotel America

Hotel America patio

Where we had our breakfast

Breakfast at Hotel America

Our breakfast at Hotel America

The Hotel America breakfast was a typical Spanish breakfast, and what might be considered “too light” for most American tastes, but eating the way they do in Spain is really nice, to be honest, and we get used to it more and more each day. This was actually a pretty big breakfast; coffee, orange juice, croissant, yogurt and kiwi. They also served two breads, but we were too full to eat them.

This was a beautiful hotel. I would definitely recommend staying there. The people were super friendly and the accommodations were so quaint.

We left our luggage in an unused front room of the hotel, took a few pictures, and left for the Alhambra.

Hotel America

We kept our luggage in this front room

Hotel America living room

Living room of Hotel America

Entry of Hotel America

The entryway into the hotel

Hotel America

Hotel America


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