Hola Madrid!

Hola Madrid!

After landing and gathering up our luggage (all carried on) we headed over to the rental car agency booth. In line in front of us was an interesting character: a muscle-bound American who was unhappy… cursing and dropping f-bombs… made me embarrassed to be thought of in the same cultural category. He was rude and annoying. The people behind the counter didn’t seem to notice too much, though. Maybe the Spanish really are as laid back as they say in all the guidebooks…

The drive from the Barajas airport to the center of Madrid was rather eventful. Actually we did not drive from the airport to the CENTER of Madrid exactly: we drove AROUND the entirety of Madrid proper and returned to the airport and THEN drove to the center. We laughed and said that when we later told people that we “drove all around Madrid” we REALLY drove AROUND Madrid.

Luckily we are easily amused.

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