Hola España!

Hola España!


The trip to Spain this summer was a bit more tiring, as I had just spent a week and a half in India for my daughter’s wedding (note to self: a direct flight from Mumbai to Newark is not optimal. Eighteen plus hours in the air is not the best, especially with a number of squealing/crying children in nearby rows.) So after arriving in Madrid, and driving 5 hours to the casa, we took a much needed nap before heading out for groceries.

Later that evening, we were eager to make our way to Azabache, a local restaurant in Arboleas, for the Friday night barbacoa. (Bottle of wine, bread with aioli, salada mixta, french fries, and barbacoa mixta… all for 14 euros. Total. That’s for the two of us!) The last time we had been was in March and this restaurant was very Spanish, so we were not expecting the huge crowd of people spilled out on the patio. Actually from our house across the rambla, we could hear music, but it must have been the echoes off of the buildings in the pueblo that made it sound spanish… it most certainly wasn’t spanish music… it was a guy with a karaoke-type machine who was belting out some oldies. I guess during the summer months the owner is trying to draw in crowds with this entertainment, but it was not quite the ambiance we were hoping for.

Nonetheless, the food was tasty and we went home full and ready for a good night’s rest!

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