Getting a paella pan

Getting a paella pan

I had been using a large low roasting pan to make paella, and thought that I really should get an actual pan that was meant for cooking paella. I found out that World Market carried a “paella kit” which included a 34 cm pan, olive oil, seasoning, and rice. The hardest thing seems to be finding the right kind of rice for the paella, so I was interested to see how this would turn out. I wasn’t too hyped up on using the seasoning packet, but I figured we’d give it a try.

El Avion paella seasoning

Seasoning that came in “the kit.”

In the end, the paella was quite tasty! Still we have the issue of the rice not cooking well on the sides, but here is the finished paella:

Paella from El Avion kit

Tasty Paella!


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