Dining in Granada

Dining in Granada

Before leaving Granada, we stopped in at the Hotel Guadalupe, which is literally across the street from the Alhambra parking. The hotel looked very nice and had been renovated during the winter of 2010-11. This would be a place to stay when we visit Granada again for a second look at the Alhambra. We sat in the bar and had a clara and some tapas. Unfortunately this was not true tapas eating time, so what we were served were just snacky things like chips, olives, bread, etc, but we enjoyed being in the air conditioning and taking a rest after the long day at the Alhambra.

Hotel Guadalupe

Hotel Guadalupe


Hotel Guadalupe bar

A typical sight:
jamón hanging in the bar.


Hotel Guadalupe, Granada

Snack time!


Hotel Guadalupe tapas

Chorizo, olives, and breadsticks

After our snack, we went back to the Hotel America to pick up our luggage. While we were loading our car, we saw more spanish gatos. This time a puny mama cat with her baby (who was almost as big as she was) and the papa gato who was sitting on the windowsill of the hotel.

Mama and baby cat, Granada

Mama and baby


Cat at Hotel America, Granada

Papa keeping watch


Papa cat at Hotel America

“¿Estás hablando a mí?”

While having the photo shoot with the cats, we started chatting with some fellow travelers who were from Canada, but after a minute or two the Alhambra security guard came up and told us to hit the trail. There is no parking in that area in front of the Hotel America, and he was peeved that we didn’t throw our luggage into the trunk and leave right away. Ah well, “Adios, Alhambra! …luego, Granada!”

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