Cycling in Spain

Cycling in Spain

I’ve forgotten to mention a few things in my last post. Thing one is that my feet did return to their normal unswollen state, thankfully. Thing two is that cream you want to drink in your coffee is NOT what is sold as whipping cream in Spain. Upon opening it, we found something pretty much the consistency of yogurt. This is not like what you get when you buy whipping cream back at home.

Anyway, back to Cycling in Spain! Curt was chomping at the bit to get out on the open road, so he got himself all ready and headed out.

Curt going cycling in Spain

Happy face!


Curt and bike

Why does he look like he’s stealing the bike??


Curt on is Spanish bike

On the road below our house


Curt cycling in Spain

Heading out for the first ride in Spain!
Living the dream!

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