Case of the Missing Passport

Case of the Missing Passport


So, who misplaces their passport?? Apparently I do. I knew it needed to be renewed, but somehow in my move out of my apartment and into my house I must have lost my mind and tossed it out along with a bunch of random things that had been cluttering up my closet. Who does that??

Sigh. I do.

This was causing a glitch in our plans, because as opposed to making the trip to Spain during the summer when I am off of work, we now had to wait until I received my new passport. AND because I am a cheapskate, I refused to pay the extra $60 to expedite the process (this would have guaranteed my getting it in 2 weeks) and decided to gamble and see what happened.

Surprise! It arrived in 2 weeks anyway! (Way to go, Cheapskate!)

All systems GO! Now it was time to make the travel plans… I LOVE making travel plans!

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