Back to España!

Back to España!

Spring Break for a teacher in the U.S. means time to high tail it out of town, so we’ve decided to spend some time in the Spanish countryside for some rest and relaxation. This time we flew from Dallas to Boston and then had a connection that would take us to Madrid. The flight from Dallas to Boston was uneventful, but once we got off the plane at Logan Airport, it wasn’t too clear how to catch our connecting flight. We met up with a lady and her daughter who were also on their way to Madrid and were a bit flustered at not knowing where to go to get their connecting flight. I decided to take matters into my own hands, ask some random airport employees (who were chatting with each other about girlfriend troubles.) These guys told me we had to go outside and take a bus to the International Terminal E, so we hurried outside — we only had an hour from touchdown to take-off, so there was no time to waste. Once outside, the four of us (the lady and her daughter were tagging along) looked for the bus to Terminal E. A rental car company bus pulled up and I thought I’d see if he’d take us there even though we weren’t rental car customers. As luck would have it, the driver was nice and said he’d drive us over to Terminal E. What good luck!

The bad part was that once we arrived a Terminal E, we would have to go through security again. Time was ticking, the tag-along lady was getting even more on edge, and the line to get through security was unbelievably long! I got out of line and asked another airport employee if we could get through any quicker since we had a connecting flight to catch. He told me to go through the First Class line, so off we went! Let this be a lesson to you: Ask and you shall receive! Sit still and be quiet and you’ll probably miss your flight!

We arrived at Barajas Airport at around 6:30 in the morning, stretched our legs, got a bite to eat, and picked up the rental car.

Curt in Barajas Airport

Having a bite to eat at Barajas Airport

Tortilla at Barajas airport

Tortilla y café con leche

Ibiza rental


We’ve been to Spain in the heart of winter, and the heat of summer, but this was the first time we’d been so close to springtime. It was exciting to see the fields looking so green and the almonds in full bloom.

The drive from Madrid

Green fields!

Almond groves

Almonds in bloom

Fields and groves

Scenery on the drive from Madrid








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  1. The airport in Philly is the same way, where you have to somehow find your way through the airport to the connecting bus line, but going through security again is silly! In Philly you don’t have to do that.

    I love the almond trees in bloom!!!

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