It all started with a simple “What are you up to?” text.

“Looking online at properties in France”

“Ever think about looking in Spain?”

And here we are, much later… owners of a house in Andalucia! I should have started this blog way back in the summer so that I could have chronicled everything from the beginning, but I think I’ll go back in time and then catch up.

Come along on My Spanish Adventures!

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  1. Enjoy reading your blog with my morning coffee. Nice narrative and photos. I’m looking forward to future posts.

    • Thanks! I’m glad you are enjoying it.
      And by the way, I enjoy a bit of cafe con leche while posting as well! :-)

  2. The spanish post office in Arboleas is run by Juan . I know that in August he was replaced because he was on holidays .
    We will be in la Cinta in mid April.
    I hope you go on with your blog which is very full of interesting events and information.
    A reader

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